Unified Conferencing vs. Unified Messaging

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As companies look for new collaboration solutions, there’s often one term that comes to mind – one that’s seen in numerous news articles, used in conversations at networking events and covered all over social media. That’s because Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, is now the umbrella term for many different services. Unified conferencing, hosted exchanges, unified messaging and even SharePoint can often be listed as unified communications services.

It’s very helpful to have these services under one roof, but as you search for the best solutions to your collaboration and communication needs, this can lead to some confusion. Many businesses will have unique needs that call for unified conferencing, and others will need unified messaging. What are these services, and how can you determine if you need one, the other, or both?

What is Unified Conferencing?

A unified conferencing environment brings together web, audio, and video conferencing solutions into a single interface. This is an especially useful option for you if you often do business with others that have not implemented any type of web conferencing and thus may need to dial into a traditional audio conference.

Thanks to its versatility, a unified conferencing solution is a great option if you’re looking for increased interactivity and collaboration in business-to-business communications. It’s also useful for multi-site businesses that need in-depth collaborative sessions for action items that cannot always be resolved over email.

What is Unified Messaging?

When it comes to static messages like email, SMS, fax, and voice and video mail, it can be helpful to have all these solutions under one roof. That way, you can pick and choose the best messaging option for the situation you’re in. That’s exactly the type of versatility a unified messaging solution provides.

There are numerous situations that call for different types of messages. Sensitive documents are often best sent through fax, while SMS is a great option for messages in need of a fast response. Unified messaging solutions are also often available across multiple devices, meaning employees can send and receive the information they need in the ways they need to be delivered.

Finding the Best Unified Conferencing and Messaging Solutions

Selecting the right collaboration tools can be an intricate process. Many companies will need the full gamut of UCaaS, while others will need only unified conferencing or unified messaging – depending on their needs. Ask an experienced provider for an evaluation of your collaboration, conferencing and messaging needs. If you’d like a complimentary consultation for your business, talk with us today.
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