User Ownership Key to UCC Adoption in 2017

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Companies seek new ways to tailor unified communications and collaboration to users


The unified communications and collaboration (UCC) market grew in 2016, and it’s expected to keep on growing. Evolutions in the way employees work, teams collaborate, and users expect applications to perform have put UCC on pace to achieve some $96 billion over the next six years, according to Global Market Insights.

Trends in 2017 are expected to play a major role in this growth spike. ITProPortal recently predicted five paradigms that will shape UCC investments and adoption over the coming year, and a rising demand for intuitive, user-oriented solutions underscores most items on the list.

Five Influences Driving UCC Adoption This Year

  1. Desire to work with a single vendor
  2. Demand for solution interoperability
  3. Rise of real-time, team chat platforms
  4. Expansion of video beyond technology
  5. Emergence of persona-tailored technologies

New Trends, One Common Thread: The User

As much as requirements for more efficient infrastructures and pushes to adopt upstart platforms like HipChat and Slack are driving these UCC trends, end users are the ones really adding fuel to the fire. The five trends above illustrate how enterprises and SMBs are seeking out ways of shaping their unified communication and collaboration suite around the needs of their user base. Rather than giving employees a loose collection of tools and apps for carrying out day-to-day tasks, business leaders are moving to equip teams with solutions they can “own”, technology they can modify and personalize to succeed in their unique role, function, experience level and work environment.

We believe this new approach to UCC adoption will lead to a larger evolution in the adoption process. As a means for encouraging technology adoption, interfaces on business-critical apps will become more customizable and interactive – just like a physical cubicle or desk. One-on-one digital mentoring will become a growing staple across workforces as organizations look to help employees work smarter and more strategically. Organizations will continue to leverage video outside of conference settings in order to make valuable workplace engagement, collaboration and culture gains.

Whether UCC projections end up being accurate, it’s safe to say users will continue to direct the evolution of workplace collaboration. This means companies will continue to be pressed to design innovative communication solutions that meet the requirements of both their users and their business objectives.

If you’d like more insight into how you can start shaping your unified communication and collaboration systems around your user base, speak to our solution design specialists at Select.

And if you’d like to learn the details of these exciting new trends in UCC, read the full article.

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