The Value of a Video Conferencing Integrator

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There are many variables that affect the successful deployment of a video conferencing solution. While high-level executives can provide important insight, many business leaders don’t have the time to perform technical legwork and make the feature considerations that go into a video conferencing investment.

To ensure a smooth video conferencing implementation process (and save business leaders from another headache), many businesses benefit from turning to outside experts that specialize in turnkey video conferencing deployment – experts called “integrators”. But understanding the value of a video conferencing integrator requires a closer look at the investment as a whole.

Easymeeting recently helped put together 14  Here are a few areas to consider when gauging whether your business might benefit from a video conferencing integrator:

Aligning Current Requirements With the Right Solution

Video conferencing technology often takes the blame when technical issues or poor end-user experiences crop up. In many instances, the technology isn’t the problem, and broader elements like bandwidth can be the culprits.

Bandwidth requirements vary depending on the video conferencing solution, meaning, what might be sufficient bandwidth for one solution won’t be enough for another. Understanding the cause of these bigger picture issues requires a deep knowledge of hardware and software specifications. While it is an important task, digging into the weeds of video conferencing specs takes time and often adds extra workloads to internal staff and executives.

Specialized Considerations

In addition to having ground-level knowledge of various specifications, business executives or their staff have to consider several highly-specialized variables that affect optimal implementation. Most of these variables fall well outside the scope of traditional executive responsibilities, such as the acoustics or lighting of any given conference room, the configuration of audio and video hardware and the mixing of sound for optimal audio clarity. While any business leader might have the skill to manage the oversight of these considerations, they might not have the highly-specialized domain knowledge or time required to combine these various considerations and choose the right solutions to address them.

Video Integrators

To offload these specialized considerations, many companies turn to third-party experts in video conferencing deployment. Dedicated video conferencing integrators understand all the highly specialized and nuanced considerations for any video conferencing solution. Additionally, integrators can take disparate elements from various vendors and knit them together for a single solution suite that meets business objectives. When businesses augment the knowledge of an existing business leader with the specialized expertise of a video integrator, they can deploy a robust video conferencing suite, saving time and avoiding communication problems in front of customers or clients.

Video conferencing solutions are a major investment and require vast amounts of time and resources to deploy properly. To ensure the best possible deployment process, it might be wise to consider a specialized third-party. If you’re interested in how to streamline your video conferencing deployment or are interested in how a video solution might benefit your workplace, connect with the video conferencing integrators at Select.









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