Versa Cloud IP Platform Adds Unified Communications Services

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Versa Networks is taking major strides to improve experiences for its end users — and businesses should be paying attention. The software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) provider recently announced that its Versa Cloud IP Platform now includes embedded voice and video codec support, enabling organizations with an SD-WAN solution that does what most others can’t — provide real-time assessment and optimization of unified communications (UC) services.

How Versa’s New UC Service Works

The Versa Cloud IP Platform integrates networking and security functions into a cloud-based, multi-tenant network management solution. The new voice and video addition will use codecs to assess and engineer a company’s UC performance based on mean opinion scores (MOS), subjective metrics used to measure voice/video quality. The result being companies gain a deeper level of UC analysis, reporting and traffic steering.

How Businesses Benefit from Versa’s UC Reporting

UC adoption is rising — especially among small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). IDC even found that more than one-third currently leverage UC in some capacity. This increased adoption puts higher demands on business leaders and IT staff to manage UC services and user experiences. The enhanced Versa Cloud IP Platform is designed to help businesses meet these demands by arming them with greater control over the performance of their UC services.

Simpler Monitoring & Optimization

As SMBs continue to adopt UC solutions, business leaders will need ways of monitoring and optimizing their UC stacks, and Versa’s unified solution equips them with that oversight. Not only will Versa Cloud IP Platform enable businesses to better monitor UC traffic and user experiences, but it will also help them reduce troubleshooting time for voice- and video-related issues across the network.

Better Product Selection

The emergence of Versa Cloud IP Platform may lead other SD-WAN and telecommunications providers to upgrade their offerings, which is great news for SMBs all around. Why? Because a rise in robust, UC-embedded SD-WAN solutions among service providers gives businesses more options to choose from, and more options leads to greater competition, and greater competition may lead to lower prices and more innovative products.

Versa’s UC bundle is still new, so it remains to be seen how other service providers respond to its impact on the marketplace. However, businesses shouldn’t be surprised to see more integrated SD-WAN offerings come available in the near future.

To learn more about the details of Versa’s new embedded UC solution, read the full press release.

How to Approach UC Innovation

If Versa’s announcement does nothing else, it underscores rampant growth across the unified communications and unified-communications-as-a-service spaces, as evidenced by a recent report from Synergy Research Group. Unfortunately, the excitement of growth can lead to misaligned investments when business leaders aren’t diligent about evaluating potential UC solutions.

If you’re interested in getting some practical insights into how your business could benefit from a UC solution, contact our UC advisory team at Select Communications.

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