Video Conferencing Benefits

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Although the reduction in travel has often been cited as one of the premier video conferencing benefits, the soft-costs – better communication, higher engagement and increased productivity – are playing a growing part in convincing many businesses to incorporate video conferencing as a replacement for the standard remote meeting.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Talking on the phone has its purposes, but it’s not always best for explaining complicated topics or talking through important decisions. That’s because so much of human communication is done through body language – facial cues and gestures – that can give shades of meaning to the overall conversation.

When audio is the only medium, clues into what’s actually being said are lost. As a result, communication becomes a much more difficult endeavor, and both parties may miss important details. When a task has limited room for error, audio communications just won’t cut it, and that can result in losses in productivity and potential mishaps.

Video conferencing has become the answer to this problem. Although it may take a little more preparation and employee dedication to the medium, video has become a game-changer in making sure that communication is done right the first time for increased productivity and efficiency, making bolstered productivity one of the top video conferencing benefits.

Impact of Discussions

Not every conference call is an exhilarating experience, and employees who may not be heavily engaged in the topic in the first place may find a different outlet to occupy their interest during an audio-only meeting. Audio calls also make it difficult to actually identify whose paying attention and whose attention may be wondering off.

When video is a part of the call, individuals can’t dodge the eyes of the camera, and the increased engagement may even get them to add their two cents to the conversation. As a result, one of the top video conferencing benefits which is quite literally the whole point attendees were on the call in the first place.

Even more than acting as a “nanny cam”, video can be a fun experience. For example, some individuals never actually meet co-workers or business partners face-to-face due to long distances. Getting to know another individual in a remote location is one of many video conferencing benefits.

Expedited Decision-Making

While face-to-face communications give individuals the same benefits that video conferencing can provide, it does one thing worse – quick decision-making. When a video conference is scheduled for a particular time, it makes both parties more aware of the ticking of the clock. Face-to-face meetings, however, tend to blur the lines between meeting and straight conversation. As a result, decision-making tends to be expedited with video conferencing.

Reduced Travel Costs

Even if lowered travel costs aren’t the main reason that businesses are using video conferencing, it’s still a benefit worth mentioning. With video, face-to-face communication isn’t necessary to achieve the same results. Travel may still have its place in certain circumstances, but video conferencing eliminates a business’s need for its employees to jump on an airplane to communicate well.

The myriad of video conferencing benefits have become more apparent as businesses adopt the technology. While travel costs have often been stated as video conferencing’s main benefit, the emergence of increased productivity and efficiency, expedited decision-making and the impact of discussion have attracted more businesses to more of the true video conferencing benefits.

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