We Made the Inc. 5000 Again… But Not Because of Growth 

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With so many businesses struggling under the weight of the pandemic, it doesn’t feel right celebrating growth at this momentIn fact, when I see Select Communications on the Inc. 5000 list for the second year in a row, all I can think about is a story my colleague, Jason Price, shared at the outset of COVID. If you haven’t read his article yetdefinitely take a minute to read it. In it he recounts a physician thanking him for providing a free video conferencing service to allow quarantined family members to say goodbye to dying grandparents in the ICU.  

What strikes me about Jason’s short yet moving anecdote is how there are probably a million other stories like it happening across the globe right now. Stories of collaboration products solving problems. Stories of technology coming to the rescue. Stories of businesses recognizing what customers need. Stories—when you get to the crux of them—of people finding ways to help other people.  

Thinking about these stories fills me with immense gratitudeThis is a time to be grateful for others. These stories remind me of how, in the face of mountainous uncertaintycompanies have scratched and clawed to find even the smallest opportunity to help people during these trying times. It’s fitting then that the theme of this year’s Inc. 5000 list is reinvention, because that’s been the objective for so many business leaders since COVID hit, and I admire every one of them, whether their organization made the Inc. 5000 or not.  

At Select Communications, 2020 has been less about reinvention and more about continuing to listen to our customers and partners. We’ve been fortunate to be able to help companies solve their pandemic-induced communication, bandwidth and cybersecurity solutions, and we continue to invest in ensuring our customer experience is top notch even as our customers’ needs evolve. I’ve been in awe of our team since the day the pandemic started, watching them homeschool kids and cancel family vacations only to put in 12-hour days helping our customers scale their IT infrastructures 

Knowing the hurdles my peers have overcome this year and seeing how incredibly hard our team at Select has worked, I will argue that a huge reason Select or any other business has made the 2020 Inc. 5000 list has to do with a relentless commitment to helping people, and that’s worth celebrating under any circumstance. 

– Thank you, Inc. 5000, for recognizing the hard work my team has put in this year.
– Thank you to my team, our partners and our customers for being the foundation our success is built upon.
– And thank you to my fellow business leaders. Because of you, none of us have to look too far for a helping hand. 


***This article was originally published on Jerry Goldman’s LinkedIn***


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