What to Expect Following Verizon’s 5G Launch

Verizon just rolled out a 5G home broadband service. Gasp! It’s here!

5G’s blazing speeds are projected to change the way we live, work and play, from an individual level all the way up to building smart cities. Regardless of the results to come, 5G—the fifth generation of wireless technology—is the most robust technology the world has ever seen. A stronger connection on a stronger network makes businesses more efficient and gives consumers access to more information faster than ever before. Its effects on business could be profound, and here are the immediate reasons to get excited.

1. Full Embracing of Cloud

Many companies are still wary of cloud—they don’t understand how it works or don’t trust that it can faithfully protect their data. However, reluctance to move to cloud computing shrinks when a business owner realizes he or she has 100 times better throughput, 1,000 times larger data volumes and their system is 10 times more reliable.

2. Cell Phones Will Replace Desk Phones

For decades desk phones have served as a primary work tool. Now, with the proliferation of devices all running at lightning speed with unparalleled reliability and connectivity, the universe opens up, offering a whole new way to conduct business. This could lead to (if it hasn’t already) the eventual discontinuation of the age-old desk phone. Only time will tell.

3. Finally Businesses Can Go Completely Wireless

Perhaps the most significant difference between 4G and 5G is that entire businesses will have the ability to go wireless. In Verizon’s 5G trials, they achieved download speeds roughly 30-50 times faster than what is possible with 4G. Data moves so quickly on 5G that Ronan Dunne, Verizon executive vice president, said, “The fifth generation of wireless technology demands that we fundamentally rethink what can be done on a wireless platform.”

Never before have businesses been able to go completely wireless. Previously, the sheer amount of network capacity needed to store and transfer data had been too great for wireless. 5G will change that. Latency could drop to just one millisecond or less, which would make lag times nearly impossible to detect. Those speeds, combined with lowered latency, will have far-reaching effects on every sector of the economy.

Looking Ahead

At this time, few 5G services have been launched. However, within the next year this technology is projected to be a game changer, optimizing and capitalizing on other current technologies, like IoT.

Like any new technology, Verizon and other 5G trailblazers are met with excitement and fear. Whenever groundbreaking tech comes along, there is skepticism—but we believe this technology will empower businesses to operate faster and more securely.

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